Drilling activities are usually perform in complex environments that require coatings with very high properties. There is severe corrosion and abrasive environments along with mechanical and thermal factors in these processes. The range of these environments varies from moderate conditions to extreme and very harsh conditions. Many existing coatings have serious limitations and are not suitable for use in the drilling industry. Coatings improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece such as hardness, strength and toughness.

The three major problems in the drilling industry are corrosion, erosion and wear, in which we can increase resistance to these phenomena by choosing the right coating.

Some workpieces for repair and reconstruction in this area by thermal spraying method:


One of the most important parts in the drilling industry is Mud rotor. The HVOF thermal spraying method is a very efficient method to restore and increase the wear resistance of the surface of this part.


In the drilling rig industry, the stabilizer is responsible for centering the drill bit and guiding it towards the target. In order to increase the wear resistance of this part, super hard carbide coatings are used.


This part is used to enlarge parts of the oil well being drilled, which can be prefabricated or fixed rollers. Wear-resistant coatings are usually applied to the edges and body of the tool using the welding method.


Covering the mandrel shaft of the drill bit set to increase resistance to corrosion and wear

Hole and Rock drill bit

It is possible to protect blades and body by applying wear-resistant coatings by welding method.