Repair and restoration of industrial parts

One of the basic problems of the industries is degradation of the components due to wear, corrosion, creep, fatigue and eventually failure. Considering that the degradation in industrial parts usually starts and spreads from the surface of the part, so the necessity of repair is essential in order to prevent the failure of the part using surface engineering.


Paya Seal Tech Company is capable of repairing most kinds of industrial components including, rotors, stabilizers, reamers, mud pumps, centrifugal pump shafts, compressors, boiler tubes, extruders, agitator spirals, mandrels, jars, compressor plungers, compressor piston rods, internal pump shafts, gate valve, ball valve, drilling tools and …


Different steps of repairing the industrial parts:

  • Preliminary inspection such as PT, UT and VT non-destructive tests
  • Grinding to remove the primary coating and surface defects
  • Repairing and rebuilding the main body of the part, including machining to remove surface defects such as corrosion products, surface cracks, as well as deep defects such as cracks and penetrating holes, and then welding and coating the main body.
  • Grinding and sandblasting operations
  • Coating or Cladding processes
  • Grinding or final machining
  • Lapping and superfinishing, if necessary
  • Quality control and final inspection