The operation of various industrial parts in environments with high corrosion, wear and erosion in refinery industries has greatly increased the need for protection and application of corrosion and wear resistant coatings in this industry.

Some parts for repair and reconstruction in this area by thermal spraying method:

Piston Rod

It is one of the most important parts in the refinery industry, which is used in steam engines and compressors. They should be coated by protective coatings such as tungsten carbide due to high corrosion and wear during operation.


Thermowell is a protective shell which protects the thermometer in thermocouple devices. In order to improve the wear resistance of thermowell, they should be coated by Stellite, Colmonoy or Tungsten carbide coatings.

Ring (Wear Rings)

They are usually thermally sprayed with chromium carbide coatings in abrasive environments.