The performance of advanced textile machinery depends to a large extent on the contact surface of the fibers and the resistance to wear and tear of the thread, so the finished surface of the parts used will have a direct impact on the quality of the manufactured product. Therefore, surface engineering has a special place in the textile industry. Coatings applied to parts of this industry must have the following characteristics:

1- The quality of the produced thread remains unchanged during the operation of that part.

2- By increasing the wear resistance, the production speed will increase.

3- The surface of the production parts can be repaired, if damaged.

4- There is no transfer of static electricity.

Ceramic coatings with the above properties are applied to the parts of the textile industry by the plasma spraying process at Paya Seal Tech Co.



Target parts of the textile industry:

  • Godet Rolls
  • Grooved Roll
  • Thread guide